Help us “amp” up the volume in Washington, DC about issues integral to senior care pharmacy! Purchase “Advocacy Amps” to help ASCP’s Advocacy Fund reach our goal of MAXIMUM VOLUME! To ensure policymakers hear your voice, we need your donation.

Add as many “Advocacy Amps” to your cart as you can to help us raise funds for ASCP Advocacy. How loud do you want us to be? At the Forum, get rewarded for your amps by being eligible for ASCP socks from the ASCP Swag Store!

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1 Advocacy Amp = $2

  • 10 Amps – New Voices!
    Suggested donation for students.
  • 25 Amps - Pharmacy First-Timers
    Suggested donation for first-time donors and ASCP member pharmacists.
  • 50 Amps – Industry Leaders
    Suggested donation for all ASCP committee members and chapter leaders.
  • 125 Amps – Leadership Circle
    Suggested donation for ASCP Board members.
  • 250 Amps – National Stakeholder
    Suggested donation for lifetime ASCP leaders and Council of Presidents.
  • 1000 Amps – Corporate Contributors
    Suggested donation for pharmacies, group practices and companies.